We've brought in an insanely exciting lineup of women that have clarity in their purpose, and a passion for helping other women discover theirs.
They've each walked through the trenches, clung to Jesus through them, and have turned their messes into their messages, and their pain into their purpose.

Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, you're going to see pieces of yourself in their stories.  And we pray that the keys they have found along the way will help you unlock what is holding you back.  

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Annie F. downs

angie smith

karen stott

jess connolly

emily thomas

marshawn evans daniels

alli worthington

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We've brought in an insanely exciting lineup of women that have clarity in their purpose, and a passion for helping other women discover theirs.

They've each walked through the trenches, clung to Jesus through them, and have turned their messes into their messages, and their pain into their purpose.

Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, you're going to see pieces of yourself in their stories.  And we pray that the keys they have found along the way will help you unlock your next step!  

Author of An intentional life
founder of intentional home

Karen Stott is a visionary, entrepreneur and designer who found her heartbeat while encouraging women that the good stuff is worth fighting for.

She is the creator of the children's journal series Adventures With Archer; the founder of Pursuit Community ( NOW ABOUND CO ), the Author of An Intentional Life, and the CEO of Intentional Home.  Karen is obsessed with simple living, sunshine, farmers markets, antiquing and taking care of her ever growing animal collection on their small farm in the PNW.  

She and her husband Isaac love adventuring and dreaming up businesses with their 3 kids.

Karen Stott

Founder & Hostess


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Author of Cultivate
Founder of Making things happen

Lara Casey

Lara Casey Isaacson was born in Washington, D.C. but spent most of her youth on the shores of Pensacola Beach, Florida. Lara graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and studied art and design at Yale University. Lara worked as a personal trainer in Manhattan and served as a contributor to Shape magazine. Lara is a believer in the “impossible,” helping women to live on purpose through the many hats she wears in her parent company, Lara Casey Media. She founded Southern Weddings magazine a decade ago and is the CEO of Cultivate What Matters. Lara is also the founder of the Making Things Happen movement, a nationally-acclaimed workshop that has been sold out for the last eight years and has toured over 40 cities. Lara frequently speaks on goal-setting, faith, mission-centered business, and is the creator of the PowerSheets Goal Planner. Lara authored two books through Thomas Nelson Publishers: Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear, Take the Leap, Live on Purpose and her most recent book, Cultivate: A Grace-Filled Guide to Growing an Intentional Life. Lara lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with her husband, Ari, and their children, Grace, Joshua, and Sarah.

Founder of Delight & be

Kristin wall

Hedgehog mom, Photographer

Callie Lindsey

International Wedding Photographer, hedgehog mom with a passion for helping women build profitable businesses.

photographer & educator

Jen Brazeal

bio coming soon

business strategist

Ericka d. james

As a Master Business and Ministry Trainer, Ericka brings her natural humor and ability to entertain to audiences as she delivers her transformational message of truth. 

She is the founder of The Fearless Revolution TM, a movement of fearless Christians living on purpose to release the solutions to the world‘s problems that the Lord has placed within them. She is the author of numerous training programs, teaching tools and five books including The Power of Vision, The Fearless Living Challenge, Self-Coaching: Inside the Bulls-eye, When God Calls, Your Heart is the Key: Being Emotionally Free and Beyond Fearless: How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life. She serves on the Board of LeadHer International Women’s Ministry and is held accountable by Apostle Elijah Forte ministries. Her ministry is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Photographer, military wife
teen mom x 3

Corry Frazier

Corry is a small town North Carolina girl who met her husband on the first day of high school. She knew of his dream to become a US Marine and she supported him through boot camp and beyond. He has served 28 years in the Marine Corps and they’ve been married 24 of those years. Corry is a former teacher with a Masters’ Degree in Education who has taught in several states and for the Department of Defense. She has owned a successful portrait photography business since 2008 where she serves amazing clients and loves to tell their stories through the lens of her camera.

They have three daughters, Grace who’s 20 and Madelyn and Emma who are 16. They have had the privilege to live at five different duty stations spanning from the Southeast to Japan. Corry has enjoyed this amazing life that has provided opportunities like hiking rims of volcanoes, meeting Presidents, enjoying White House dinners, and exploring foreign countries. However, there have also been challenges like long separations and deployments. But through it all, Corry has been able to create a successful career for herself as an entrepreneur that knows how to pivot.  

Corry has served as a board member for the Joint Spouses’ Conference in Hawaii, has been a guest speaker for the Spouses’ Leadership Seminar in NC and has been a guest on The Jennifer Allwood Show, a podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs. Corry is passionate about helping women figure out how to raise a business while raising their families.  And seeking God's calling on our lives by recognizing our gifts and talents makes it so much sweeter!

photographer. mama of 4.

cheyenne schultz

Cheyenne Schultz is a wife, mama to four, professional photographer and photography business educator and coach living in Charlotte, North Carolina.

With more than a decade of business experience, Cheyenne genuinely loves helping creative entrepreneurs achieve the goals they have set for themselves and teaching them what she has learned about how to sustain long-term as a business, turning clients into raving fans and standing out in a saturated market.

She believes in dog rescue, homemade lattes, good chocolate, blankets and loving her family well.

encourager, motivational speaker, believer in kindness

Carrie grace

Carrie Grace is a motivational speaker on a mission to inspire many. She goes into schools and companies and helps create better, kinder cultures for all. She also helps people take risks to get from where they are to where they want to go. She believes that kindness never goes out of style. She has spoken at companies such as Target, Jack Daniels, and Marriott.

photographer, wife, mama,
truth speaker

Nancy Ray

Nancy is a believer, wife, mama, photographer, blogger, and speaker. She owns Nancy Ray Photography and leads a small team of wedding and family photographers. Nancy speaks regularly at several conferences and retreats, sharing her inspiration and foundations in building a successful business and a balanced life.  

She is passionate about her faith in Jesus, financial stewardship, strong marriages, and seeing small businesses thrive for God’s kingdom. She lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband, Will, 3 darling children, and great dane, Winston.

Venue owner, marketing director

Kaitlin holland

Kaitlin Holland is the Owner and Marketing Director of McAlister-Leftwich House and Founder of The School of Styling. She lives in Greensboro with her husband, Clay, and their kiddos, Lucy & James. She was saved by Grace and is on a mission to extravagantly love those she meets. 

Kaitlin graduated from Elon University with a degree in Art and quickly discovered her love for entrepreneurship. After starting a successful vintage rental company in 2012 (and later selling it in 2015), Kaitlin saw a need for a training environment that served the creative entrepreneur as a whole. So, she created The School of Styling to provide women a place to build business and creative confidence, which has received notable exposure in both the United States and internationally.

In 2016 she came across McAlister-Leftwich House online. She quickly fell in love with the two historic homes that share the property and she, along with her mother and husband, began to dream up what this beautiful place could be. Two years after discovering Greensboro's greatest hidden gem, the trio cut the (calligraphed hand-dyed silk) ribbon at their Grand Opening Party. Now, the McAlister-Leftwich House hosts boutique wedding and events with their one-of-a-kind experience of refined Southern hospitality.

Kaitlin spends her work days leading the McAlister-Leftwich team, creating content and vision for McAlister-Leftwich, and educating through The School of Styling and her days at home chasing a toddler, cuddling a baby, and working on her next house project.

best-selling author, former executive director & radio co-host of Proverbs 31 ministries

renee swope

Renee Swope is a wife, mom, national speaker, award-winning author of A Confident Heart and former co-host of Proverbs 31 Ministries’ international radio program where she ministered to millions of women across the world each day for over 10 years.

Renee also served on the leadership team that grew Proverbs 31 Ministries from a small newsletter to one of the leading women’s ministries in America for over 20 years, serving in various roles including Executive Director of speakers, radio, devotions, donor development and social media. She also worked in content development and strategy collaborations.

Through her written and spoken words, Renee helps women replace fears and self-doubt with lasting soul-confidence by showing them how to rely on and live in the security of God’s promises. Seasoned with laughter and saturated with Truth, Renee’s messages show a woman how to live in the fullness of her God-given gifts, relationships and purpose by:

Operating in her strengths and trusting God in her weakness
Exchanging fear-filled thinking with faith-filled believing and living
Failing forward by gaining Biblical wisdom from past regrets
Replacing guilt-induced doubt with grace-induced confidence
Trusting the certainty of God’s promises in the uncertainty of her circumstances.